All Time Top Marathi Drama Movies That You Should Watch Based On Rating

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Top Rated Marathi Drama Movies

Marathi cinema refers to Indian films produced in Marathi, the language of the state of Maharashtra, India. Based in old Mumbai, it is the oldest and one of the pioneer film industries of India. Nowadays in the Marathi industry focused on so many filming films in different genres. We will introduce in the listicle all-time top-rated Marathi Drama Movies, and also find the movie details and Story description of the movie.

All-Time Top Marathi Drama Movies Based On Rating


Natrang is a 2010 Indian Marathi film directed by debutant Ravi Jadhav, the script and story of the film demand period compositions and traditional dance numbers as in Lavani and Gavilan. A poor working man loses his job and decides to start a theater troupe, Guna is a village laborer in the hinterlands of Maharashtra. Holding a passion for the ‘tamasha’ theatre shows, he decides to start his own troupe. Instead of the prestigious role of the king he always dreamed of, he ends up having to play a ‘nachya’, an effeminate, homosexual man.


Shwas is a Marathi film, released in 2004. It was India’s official entry to the 2004 Oscars and was ranked 6th in the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film category. This story is about how an old man tried to show his grandson the preciousness and beauty of life in a no-win situation such as cancer. It is about keeping a positive attitude towards life.

Gosht Choti Dongraevadhi

Gosht Choti Dongraevadhi (2009) is a Marathi drama watch movie starring Makarand Anaspure and Nagesh Bhonsle. It is directed by Nagesh Bhonsle. In a suicidal debt-ridden farmer village, Rajaram returns to sell his land. But his mother advises him not to do, a common man fights against the corruption and injustice happening around him. Biopic on Dr. Prakash Amte, the selfless doctor and social worker who devoted his life towards the development and upliftment of the tribal people in the forests of western Maharashtra.


Deool movie is receiving many awards, National Film Award for Best Feature Film, National Film Award for Best Actor, National Film Award for Best Screenplay. Director Umesh Vinayak KulkarniKeshya, a simple villager believes that god has arrived in his village but everyone disbelieves him. Later when the politics plays it’s part things take a drastic change. One day Keshav a village youth, sees lord Dattatrey in his dreams while taking a nap under a tree. Anna, most respected figure of Mangrul, advises him against announcing such personal matter as it’s a question of faith. Are you searching for Marathi movie wallpapers then click here for Marathi movie wallpapers.


In 2006, Nital was in the Indian competition category of the Osain Asian film. Sumitra Bhave directed Marathi movie Nital, Murthy reveals that for her the topic of leucoderma, that the movie. The story revolves around a girl having vitiligo and her relationship with her lover or would be life-partner and his family. The film highlights the social stigma around Vitiligo, the film is produced by Dr. Maya Tulpule.

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Tingya, where he lives in a village in Maharashtra. Tingya’s parents are poor farmer owns a pair of bulls, Chitangya and Patangya. ‘Tingya’ has a great relationship with Chitangya. Chitangya is part of Tingya’s life. One day Chitangya is injured and is unable to stand and cant work on the farm. Tingya’s father, who is already burdened with debt, is left with no option but to sell the ailing bull to a butcher and buy a new one. The rest of the story consists of how’Tingya’ tries to save Chitangya from being sold to the butcher.

Shantata Court Chalu Aahe

Shantata Court Chalu Aahe is a Marathi play written by playwright Vijay Tendulkar and first performed in 1967, directed by Arvind Deshpande, with Sulbha Deshpande as the main lead. The play was written in 1963, for Rangayan, a Mumbai-based theatre group, though it was performed much later. It was inspired after the playwright overheard the conversation amongst the members of amateur theatre group traveling on Mumbai local train to perform a mock-trial at Vile Parle suburb. Shantata Court Chalu Aahe is a political and social satire on middle-class society’s hypocrisy.


Bhaskar returns to his native place after 40 years, only to see the ruins of his manor. He feels indebted to his mother, who motivated him to become a doctor and vows to fulfill her wish. Chronicles the life of famous doctor through a series of flashbacks, as he is traveling to his native place after decades where it all began in extremely modest circumstances.


Director Mahesh Manjrekar is directed the drama social released in the Marathi language is the Uma tragically loses her husband at an early age. She battles her way through numerous twists and turns, with her only hope being her brother-in-law who has a complicated relationship with her. Uma loses her husband at a very young age and faces many hardships. The only support she gets is from her brother-in-law.


Uttarayan is a highly captivating adaptation of Jaywant Dalvi’s Marathi play, “Durgi” . Raghuveer, a widower in his 50s has come to live with his computerUttarayan is a highly captivating adaptation of Jaywant Dalvi’s Marathi play, “Durgi” . Raghuveer, a widower in his 50s has come to live with his computer engineer son Sanjay. He meets his childhood friend Babu Borkar and during their conversations, they reminisce about Kusumavati a.k.a. Durgi, Raghu’s first love.

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